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In line with the principle of openness and win-win cooperation, IKA not only focus on building their own brand with proprietary intellectual property rights, but also to provide customers with high quality, efficient OEM/ODM foundry services, sincerely look forward to working with you.

  • According to your request to find packaging materials, printing boxes、brochures and labels do a good job in the design and ordering
  • You can produce ika existing products, just modify the appearance of the customer requirements, trademarks

Hardware customization

IKA provides GPS hardware customization, can be customized according to the corresponding changes in order to meet the special needs of industry customers.

  • Customize the device's communication protocol
  • Customize the functionality of the device
  • Customize the shape of the device

Software development


A strong R & D team and technical strength continuous innovation of the research and development capabilities, accurate control of the entire development process, 360-degree follow-up of your needs

  • Function development
  • APP development
  • Interface development
  • API development
  • New device acces

Industrial design

We are starting from the user, through the use of environment and research customer needs, accurate positioning, clear design, efficient communication, visual impact through the design, make the products occupy a favorable position in the market competition.

  • Product appearance design
  • Product appearance 3D model making
  • Product effect chart production
  • Explosive decomposition diagram