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1.How to choose the best GPS tracker?

We offer several types of GPS trackers, including GPS personal trackers, GPS vehicle trackers and tracking solutions; each one with its own features. Depending on the specific usage and objectives you are planning, some devices will perform better than others.

2.Can I add my GPS Trackers made in other factories to your GPS Tracking Software?

Yes. We can add but it will not work With our Software until we add your Tracker protocol to our Software. We need to analysis it and get it working if all protocol are complete and workable.

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3.Can I use your GPS Tracker in our GPS Tracking platform?

Yes you can but you need to analysis our Tracker’s GPRS protocol and change your Software codes so that they can match.

4.Can I track my device on more that one computer or device?

Yes, you can use any display medium with an internet connection. For instance you could be tracking from your office, or home PC and decide to move the tracking to your mobile phone, you can have both mediums tracking at the same time.

5.If I have more than one tracking device can I view them all at the same time?

As long as they are in one account you can view as many as you wish, all at the same time or one at a time. But remember, if they are spread over a large distance you will have to minimise the map. There are clients who have 50+ tracking devices and from time to time they need to see them all, so they just adjust the mapping size accordingly.

6.Will my device work indoors?

This all depends what the building construction is, you have to remember that trackers work via GPS and the device has to be able to communicate with a GPS Satellite. If the device is in an underground car park it probably will not function correctly. If it is in an above ground property, it may pick up a signal in much the same way as a mobile phone does. The operation of the tracker can be effected by climatic conditions like the terrain, weather and humidity.

7.Will my tracking device work anywhere in the world?

The tracking device will work anywhere there is GPS and a Mobile Phone infrastructure and the GPS system is not limited or controlled. We have devices working in 126 countries across the globe.

8.How Long does IKA Retain Data?

We store your data securely for 6 months.

9.What Kind of Hardware Warranty Does IKA Offer?

We offer a year Warranty for all current customers.