In today’s increasingly advanced technology, whether companies or individuals want to control the car at any time, many people in the car GPS positioning tracker hovering around, because is not sure which type of wired GPS tracker or wireless GPS tracker? In fact, “everything has advantages and disadvantages” focus on whether suitable, how to maximize strengths and circumvent weaknesses. Ding Zhou Technology here to give you a detailed introduction to the wired vehicle GPS locator and wireless vehicular GPS locator advantages and disadvantages, as follows:

1. Wired GPS tracker

The “cable” that wired GPS has more than wireless GPS is the power cord and so on used to connect the vehicle. The power supply for wired GPS is provided by the vehicle. A miniature battery is usually built in so that the device can still work for 0.5 to 1.5 hours after the power is off. Prevent the device line from being cut off maliciously and unable to continue working.


Because the working power of the wired GPS can be supplied by the vehicle, the biggest feature of the wired GPS is that it can be located in real time around the clock. There is no need to worry about the sudden absence of the ionization line in the equipment. In terms of signal intensity, the signal of the wired GPS device is also stronger. Positioning accuracy is relatively better.

In terms of function, the GPS tracker of IKA and Technology Cable has a powerful function. It can be located and tracked in real time. It can be used for long-distance oil control, oil consumption monitoring, setting up an electronic fence area, speeding alarm, fatigue driving alarm, vibration alarm. Illegal movement alarm. Everywhere, in the vehicle monitoring platform can also view the track of the vehicle.



Wired GPS must be connected with the vehicle power cord, the installation position is not flexible enough, can only be installed to where there are power lines, so it is easy to be found by the illegal elements to destroy, lose its effect;

In addition, the real-time location function of wired GPS makes the device always in the state of receiving / transmitting signals, and the lawless elements can use the GPRS signal shield / detector to interfere with the working state of the device or to find the installation position of the device.

Applicable vehicle type:

Enterprises and institutions, bus passenger transport, tracking investigation, precious logistics transportation, cargo tracking, vehicle rental, car loan management, private cars and other related industries.


2, wireless GPS tracker

Wireless GPS tracker is that the whole device has no external connection, so it can not get the external power supply. The working life of the device is limited by the internal power supply. The lifetime of the wireless GPS tracker battery is determined by the location frequency you set. The higher the location frequency, the shorter the battery life. Therefore, the wireless GPS tracker is usually an ultra-long standby type, can be directly used for 2 to 3 years without replacing the battery or charging.


The wireless GPS positioning time is controlled and the equipment goes into dormancy state immediately after the signal transmission. The flexible adjustment can avoid the interference of the GPRS signal shield and the induction of the signal detector to a great extent and further improve the anti-disassembly capability of the equipment.

Wireless GPS can be installed without wiring, so the installation of wireless GPS tracker is not limited by the vehicle line, can be placed in any position of the vehicle by means of strong magnetic, magic sticker (note the signal strength, excellent concealment. It’s hard to find out except for the owner. It’s a good guard against theft.


Applicable vehicle type:

Vehicle leasing, car loan management, private cars, tracking, precious logistics transportation, public transport, cargo tracking and other industries.

Without considering the battery, wired GPS is better than wireless GPS, but not absolutely. In some particular vehicles and scenarios, the owner should choose the right GPS device for his vehicle according to its merits and demerits. In order to play a multiplier effect with half the effort, if necessary, IKA suggests that you can install cable and wireless two kinds of GPS equipment, dual protection.