Simple, tough and highly accurate properly describe the Dtracker Kids’ GPS tracker. Capable of working in over 33 countries, A gps device allows parents to be notified whenever a child leaves a designated safe zone. The Android and iOS smartphone apps allow location tracking directly to the Dtracker unit, as well as augmented reality and on-demand notifications. The Dtracker unit itself is well-built and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures (it’s also water and dust resistant). Dtracker also holds the title of being the world’s smallest and lightest GPS live tracker.

The built-in SIM card connects to T-Mobile’s 2G network requiring the purchase of a data plan directly from the smartphone app or via Dtracker’s web store. You can use the gps tracker for only $4 per month in advance. Through the data connection, GPS location updates can take place as often as every 10 seconds or up to one minute for better battery life. Dtracker lists the current battery life of up to 24 hours, so given its critical function, charging it nightly is recommended. Small, reliable and incredible easy to use, the Dtracker is a fantastic choice for parents looking to keep tabs on their little ones.

Dtracker gps tracker is the best gift for children